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So so far my flow for the Asexuality Lecture is 

  1. Root Words and Asexuality
  2. What Asexuality Means==>Mention Gray Sexuality as there is intersection in interpretations
  3. What Asexuality DOES NOT MEAN==>Mention Aro and how its different specifically, as well as other misconceptions
  4. A special section on Asexuals and Relationships
  5. A section on Gray Sexuality and Sexualities that are close to/intersect with Asexuality (Like Demisexual for example)
  6. Asexuality in the Media (and how little of it there is, and Asexual response to Hypersexual focus of media possibly?)
  7. Controversy-Diagnosing as a Disorder(HSDD)/LGBT community denial
  8. Sources/Further Reading

This is supposed to be about 40 minutes long, so I mean I am going to go into the nitty-gritty on each sub section.

I already have a good chunk planned out and I think that this will be enough to give a good idea about what Asexuality is, is not, and other issues surrounding it.

And I have more ideas if I need to expand the duration, which I do not believe I will have to, as this is already a LOT to talk about.

I just wonder, will he put it on exams and tests?

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